Rocio is a London-based artistic director and producer for film and theatre. She founded Persona Collective in 2017.

Rocio works primarily with devised theatre techniques. She continually experiments with new and playful methods of theatre creation that blur spatial, temporal and conceptual boundaries, weaving complex webs of fiction and reality, public and private, and past, present and future. She has collaborated with designers and architects, photographers and choreographers, and writers and technologists, always seeking to develop and broaden her understanding of theatre and film through interdisciplinary work.

Her narratives are usually steeped in psychological realism. She is interested in the complexity of human nature, culture and experience. Her work explores memories, dreams, rituals and magic, alongside existential fears and anxieties. She is interested in how experiences reverberate through time and space, and how buildings and objects embody collective and personal memories. Her storytelling is multi-sensory and dreamlike, often absurd and grotesque.

Rocio's narrative and artistic work takes many forms, manifesting through film, theatre and immersive installations, or combinations of all three. She has experience performing a variety of roles, from teaching, writing and directing to acting, producing and curating. She has worked with sound, light and video projection, and musicians, dancers and actors of all ages and backgrounds.