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"Rocio Ayllon and Persona Collective immersive theatre shows, are the most prolific and ambitious projects I have come across in the past two years. 'The Village','The Candidate' and 'The Halfway House', are undeniably pushing the boundaries of experimentation, constantly questioning what live performance means today.


Their scenarios are visually and conceptually curated to the minimum detail, and yet they leave space to the audiences to be part of it. I truly believe Persona Collective artistic research will have a big impact on the theatre community and beyond."​     


Marcela Iriarte Villa Lobos - Curator at the Biennale, Venice 


"I create extraordinary events in unexpected places, I seek to surprise and captivate audiences, offering them unique encounters. Whether by transforming an abandoned warehouse, converting an outdoor park, or utilising historical sites, I thrive on the challenge of reimagining spaces."


From Seville (Spain) - London-based director, producer and educator in theatre & film, with a background in acting, contemporary dance, flamenco, creative writing & music. Founder of Persona Collective with over 8 years of experience directing and producing immersive, site-specific work with communities, across multiple iconic locations around London. 

She works primarily with devised theatre techniques. She enjoys experimenting with new and playful methods of theatre and public events creation that blur spatial, temporal and conceptual boundaries, weaving complex webs of fiction and reality, public and private, and past, present and future.

Her narratives are usually steeped in psychological realism. She is interested in the complexity of human nature, culture and experience. In her work She explores memories, dreams, rituals and magic, alongside existential fears and anxieties. She is interested in how experiences reverberate through time and space, and how buildings and objects embody collective and personal memories. People describe her storytelling as multi-sensory and dreamlike, often absurd and grotesque.


For collaborations or commissions please get in touch here: 

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p - 07784470112

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Persona Collective instagram - @persona_collective

Music, synths & electronics

"I am very passionate about music, It brings me immense joy to build my own analog instruments from scratch. When it comes to my theatre productions, I dedicate quality time researching to find the perfect music for each scene. However, what truly excites me is collaborating with talented musicians and collectively exploring ideas to craft captivating soundscapes. I also enjoy experimenting with music and improvising with modular synths"

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