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Part of working site-specifically is about dialoguing with, and potentially around, the uniqueness of what the space and its architecture have to offer. While working in the design of The Halfway House we were constantly responding and revealing alternative layers to the reality of the landscape, but making sure the particular environment of the building remains as part of the final show. 

The sound and lightscapes emerged in parallel, feeding off and supporting each other, once the narratives had almost taken form. References from fine art, photography, music, architecture, and in particular cinema were important to get every design department in the same kind of mindset, atmosphere-wise.


We invited two artists, who separately created their own art installation in relation to the narrative of the show. A team of scenographers worked together to transform some of the spaces into hotel rooms, reception and restaurant, while some of the other rooms and corridors would remain original. We wanted to show to the audience what was really happening inside the building at that time. The space was already a building site and the iconic art school was already in the process of being transformed into a high-end hotel. 

Photography and graphic design played a very important role from the beginning of the production. Leading the art direction of the project, revealing details like the colour palettes in each of the rooms, artistic compositions, transitions between spaces, light changes...etc. Each of the posters and promotion material reflected the beauty and emotions of all those site-specific elements. 

Article in Arc Magazine

Photography - Karolina Burlicowska, Emma LD, Emily George

Graphics - Emma LD, Emily George 

'The Blue Room' as part of The Halfway House soundtrack by Finn Boxer

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