The Unscene 199 was site-specific month theatre and arts festival produced by Ellis Gardiner and Rocio Ayllon in association with New River Studios, during 2016, in the artist warehouse community in North London


Performances occured all around the Manor House warehouse district, where converted industrial sites were available to artists to host their work in unique environments and allow the audience an opportunity to experience the wilder side of live acts. During the festival local, regional, national and international artists staged work in a variety of styles, disciplines and subject matter including theatre, dance, music, workshops, visual art, film and more. Acts took place in a black box theatre; a converted parcel depot; an open plan event space, bars, coffee shops, and a number of unconventional locations in the neighbourhood


The Festival was a collaborative organization striving to provide opportunities and exposure to artists who are willing to take a risk and push the boundaries of the “norm” through experimentation with style and content. Unscene 199 hosted both small and large-scale productions, work in progress, dress rehearsals, experiments, micro-scenes, new writing, readings and workshops


An ambition of the festival was to foster creativity and collaboration between the various departments in theatre creation, promoting the festival as a meeting place where artist individually have the chance to show installations, visual media, soundscapes, or audio techniques, lighting design, dance, theatre, film, costume design and other disciplines within the field of scenography and theatre technology.' 


Unscene 199 Festival 


Ellis Gardiner

Rocio Ayllon 

Assistant producer

Sarah France 

New River Studios team

Marion Andrau, Sam Mathys, Caroline Landry,

Thomas Blackburn, Joachim Merabet,

Francesco Vanni, Dan, Charly Blackburn,

Thomas Heydecker. 

Web design Rocio Ayllon

Unscene Logo Jack Wates


Special thanks to Charlotte Colbert for 'Home',

main image of Unscene 199. 


Theatre companies 

Not the Thing by Crakan Theatre

Stuck in the Middle by Bill Aitchinson

On this Day  by Elena Morgana

Fangirls by Kristina Hopkin

The Lonely Room by HOAX

Cansancio Tears by Mariana Aristizabal

Pandora by Etch

Twelfth Night by Oliver Stephens

Dolly Would by Shit Theatre

Act Natural by Jon Pointing

Exit by James Farrington

Trapped by Inda Pereda

Stuck by Hoax

Moonface by Gutternipe Theatre

Cain by Blue Guitar 

Monsieur Mu By Mark Duncan

The Last Curiosity by Jamie D. Huxley

MorbidAbnormalMe by Shea Wojtus & Nora Smith

Attempts on her life by Tandem Theatre

Waiting for it by Wild Dandelions

One Man Two Ghosts by Farce Forward

PlayGround 199 - Performance Art night

Ahh...Shit! by Emma Dinnage

Tactile Members by Derek Szeto & Alice White

Interactive Test 002 by Edmund Fraser & Tom Blackburn

Act Balance by Tuli Litvak

Rocking Horse by Sofia Figueredo & Cos Chapman. 

In the Memory of Leaves by Natasha Landgridge

Bird House  by  Christine Bach

The Tragedy of Theresa May by Lisa Jeschke & Lucy Beymon

A sea of Sheets by Risja Steeghs

Market Stall Theatre - Festival closure night

JohnSmith by Johnsmith

Blood Lips formed Marion Andrau, Waxcaps &MadkidLibrary

My Name is Thomas by Kerem Asfuroglu, Ruth Fitzsimons

Satu Streatfield and Harry Wills

Work Ethic by Cut Tongues. 

Cheap Gala by Katie Mulligan. 

Enter Void Jack Wates. 

Captain Wap Dj - Universe of Tang

Space Exposure by Tom Lewis Russel

Figs in Wigs - Live music