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_LOVE+ community programme


From December 2022 until end of March 2023, Persona Collective were running a series of free workshops with the members of the community and surroundings through this community programme called LOVE+. Participants from PERFORMANCE+ had the opportunity to learn how to act, dance and get ready to perform in front of an audience, while the other group of participants from DESIGN+ learnt how to design the lighting and sound as part of the live show.


All throughout this project we were working closely with the LGBTQ+ communities and Soho’s local businesses & residents. Together we co-create 'the village' a multi-location immersive theatre piece in Soho & Chinatown. This project was a celebration of  the diversity & tolerance of Soho’s local community & indie businesses with a narrative based on real voices and in real unique locations in the local area. 

**OPEN CALLS POSTERS (November 2022): PERFORMANCE+ workshops & DESIGN+ labs - ALL AGES, BEGINNERS & IMPROVERS that identify within the LGBTQIA+ community. LOVE+ Community Immersive Theatre project in Soho, London 

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