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The gardeners is an ongoing project since 2020. As an artist who also happens to be a gardener, I find inspiration in the interplay between these two domains, where creativity and sciences converge to create a harmonious balance of colours, forms, and life.

I come from a family rooted in the mountains of Granada (Spain), where organic farming is a way of life. Since I was a child, I have been actively involved in working the land alongside my family. These experiences have shaped my deep connection to nature and cultivated my passion for horticulture.

When designing a garden, I am interested in its naturalistic approach base on the importance of creating resilient ecosystems, enhancing biodiversity and supporting local flora and fauna. At the heart of my philosophy lies a profound understanding of the urgent need for sustainable practices. Conscious of the climate crisis, I incorporate regenerative approaches in my work. Employing organic gardening methods, water conservation techniques, and renewable energy sources, I also seek to evoke emotions, ignite introspection, and foster a deeper connection with nature.


My gardening work is always guided by a profound admiration for the renowned landscape designer, Piet Oudolf. By mimicking the intricate patterns and processes of nature, these gardens provide vital habitats for a diverse range of plants, animals, and beneficial insects. Emphasis is placed on creating layered plantings, incorporating different textures, colors, and heights to resemble natural ecosystems. The resulting naturalistic gardens not only offer aesthetic beauty but also contribute to the ecological balance by supporting pollinators, improving air and water quality, and fostering a deeper connection with the natural world. 

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Screenshot 2023-06-21 at

Maries's Garden in East London

Planting Design - Maries's Garden in East London

Mishas's Garden - North London

Mishas's Garden in North London


Emily and I started a gardening duo during the COVID-19 period. Under the ethos of 'cultivating creativity in your garden,' we were committed to fostering well-being in different neighborhoods in East and North London. Over the past few years, we have worked in private gardens and public spaces, collaborated with architects, and taught permaculture in community gardens. Through our shared passion for horticulture, we transform these spaces into vibrant havens. Our green thumb is dedicated to nurturing both the physical and mental health of Londoners, making the city bloom with beauty and vitality.

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Screenshot 2023-06-21 at 16.04.48.png
IMG_3145 (1).jpeg

Johs's Garden in North London

Stephen's Garden - Hackney London

Stephen's Garden - Hackney London


Over the years, I have had the immense privilege of learning about permaculture, horticulture, and the art of organic farming from two incredible mentors: my sister and dad in the mountains of Granada, Spain. With them, I explored the intricacies of permaculture, implementing techniques such as polyculture and using natural materials for mulching and water retention. I also delved into horticulture, gaining skills like seed saving, composting, and grafting to propagate and cultivate a wide array of plants. Together, we grew seasonal fruits and vegetables, sourcing them locally and sustainably. Embracing natural methods for pest control and combating plant diseases, we utilized organic remedies and fostered a holistic approach to nurturing the land.

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